Since I learnt to ride a bicycle when I was 9 years old, my passion for this sport grew until I got into extreme downhill mountain biking: I had a specialist bicycle, was secretary on the executive committee of my university mountain bike club, took part in the British Universities Sports Association mountain bike competition, and travelled to many of the best mountain bike areas including France, Scotland and Wales. I was getting very capable at the sport, such as thinking a 4 metre high drop was tame, until I took a fall going off a relatively small jump during a windy day at CwmCarn .

I had caused severe damage to my left shoulder; which I later found out to be anterior instability, which triggered off recurrent dislocations, which in turn led to complications such as repeated nerve damage and frequent trips to Accident & Emergency and consultants at many different hospitals. After a year of this, the National Health Service finally gave me an operation, and since then the pins in my shoulder have made it as good as new, although my surgeon advised that I should never do downhill mountain biking again.
I have now limited myself to road riding and cross country mountain biking.

Last updated 1/10/2009