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Directory and boot partition utilities for MS-DOS/WIN95 MS-DOS.
Dir program with LFN support and filespec. Utility to change bootable partition.
Notes on Hard Disk partitioning, especially Win95/98 + MS-DOS.
Source code in Pascal for the two utilitiies. Download (29k)

Source for utility programs written in Pascal and Assember to:
Date stamp files, catalogue disks, hex-bin conversion, disassembly, calculate checksums, build directory tree for CD's, display & edit 256 colour graphics images and more. Download (372k)

Year2000 test programs. Source code in Pascal. Download (8k)                                       Sudoku Assistant program. .exe file. Download (308k)

Basic routines to operate Soundblaster and compatible FM synth chips and mixer
Shows Pascal programming techniques - not a full featured keyboard program. Download (16k)

Utility to assist in the recovery of client side cache files.
Password required to extract executable. Email me at FirstnameSurname at yahoo.co.uk Download (23k)

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Last updated 29th March 2023